Lisa Kistner is a certified lymphatic and massage therapist. She has received certifications in the Chikly and Carter methods of lymphatic therapy, and has extensive training in the Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic drainage. She specializes in post-masectomy lyphedema and the Lebowitz method of correcting chronic health problems.

Offering unique and in depth therapies in tissue cleansing and detoxification, she utilizes innovative technologies for clearing lymph and restoring immune function. Lisa and her husband Joe are the founders of the Kistner Institute in Aspen Colorado.


Joe Kistner - Healthy Foot Practicer, Massage, and Neuromuscular therapy.  Joe and his wife are the founders of the Kistner Institute.Joe Kistner has been a student of bodywork and therapeutic massage for over 30 years. He holds many certifications including Healthy Foot Practitioner, and Z-Health R-I-T Certifications. He has studied modalities such as Orthopedic and Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy at the Boulder School of Massage. Joe's vast experience comes from training in Orthobionomy, Cranial Sacrial Technique, and St. John Neuromuscular Therapy and too many others to mention.

Joe holds the distinction of being chosen to participate in the first Muscle Activation Techniques Certification, and was a MAT specialist from 2002-2007.

Utilizing The Kistner Method to identify and restore muscle imbalances, Dr. Lebowitz's method of applied kinesiology to correct chronic health problems, and his 30 years of experience as a licensed pharmacist, Joe has enjoyed marked success in being of service to his patients and helping to restore their health.