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After years of clinical trial and error, The Kistner Method has come into being as a way to restore proprioception throughout the body. Through the use of neuro proprioceptive muscle testing , I have discovered that inhibited muscles form in a distinctive pattern up through the body. This dysfunctional pattern is eliminated by identifying and correcting inhibited muscles that reside in the feet. A mild palpation to the attachment sites of the foot muscles restores their connection to the brain and restores the connection of the inhibited muscles up the body.

This pattern mimics the back force transmission system. This is a series of connected muscle slings that start at the foot, go up the leg to the hip, cross over to the opposite side of the body at the sacrum, then up that side of the spine, to the shoulder and neck, ending at the TMJ. This follows how ground reaction force enters and is dispersed through the body during gait. Of course there are some pattern variations, depending on a person’s history of injury, trauma or overuse, but it mostly flows from the lower left side of the body to the upper right. The foot is key, since it the first thing to hit the ground and must be functioning properly to correctly balance and disperse tremendous amounts of force up the body. Several sessions may be required to reinforce proprioceptive balance and future periodic tune-up visits are helpful to sustain it. Footwear is also paramount to maintaining proprioception . If the shoes you wear don’t allow for proper foot function, the initial inhibited muscle pattern will immediately start to re-form up the body. Shoes need to be brought in and tested to see if they interfere with the foot’s communication to the brain, and the shoes that are disruptive must be eliminated.