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Joe Kistner
Lisa Kistner
"Once the brain receives all of its information from the body, the body the can heal itself."
"I constantly endeavor to be a clear channel of health and well-being, to co-create the highest state in which healing can take place."
       Joe Kistner has been a student of bodywork and therapeutic massage for over 40 years. He holds many certifications including Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), and he has studies such forms as Orthopedic and Sports massage and Neuromuscular Therapy at the Boulder College of Massage. Joe holds the distinction of being one of the first therapists MAT therapists in the country and completed the first MAT master Therapist certification program.

       Utilizing MAT to identify and restore muscle imbalance, Dr. Lebowitz's method of applied kinesiology to correct chronic health problems, and his 40 years of experience as a licensed pharmacist, Joe has enjoyed marked success in being of service to his patients in helping to restore their health. He has recently completed R, I and T Phase certifications in Z Health, a cutting edge nervous system-based exeercise protocol.

        Joe is the founder of The Kistner Method, a system that improves health, alleviates pain, reduces injury and maximizes athletic performance.    

         Lisa Kistner is a certified lymphatic and massage therapist. She has received certifications in the Chikly and Carter methods of lymphatic therapy, and has extensive training in the Vodder method of MLD.  She specializes in post-mastectomy lymphedema and uses leading edge technologies to improve lymphatic function and reduce scarring.

        By utilizing the Lebowitz Method
method of correcting chronic health 

problems, she can assist clients in identifying microbial imbalances, eliminating food toxins and dialing in their nutritional deficits and needs.

        Offering unique and indepth 
therapies in tissue cleansing and 

detoxification including Zerona® Laser and Endermologie®, she utilizes technolog-
ies for clearing the lymph and restoring 

immune function. Lisa and her husband Joeare the founders of the Kistner Institute in Aspen, Colorado.